Assignment 1 · Local communities

Images for assignment 1


  1. rationale for project 200 words
  2. photo set, slideshow (stills beneath)
  3. assessment criteria
  4. research page:
1. 200 word rationale

This series has been shot in two locations and revolves around the theme of interaction with a community (a community of artists). I have worked with two people who are both in the process of creative exploration working towards exhibition and performing. One a dancer and one a painter.  The idea here has been to use a more classical style of photo essay in order to give myself a starting point from which to depart as the assignments progress.

I have used the sense of movement to join up the two different figures and give coherence to the series.  I worked with a a 35mm lens and camera shooting close to medium range. I have aimed to portray the spirit of what is a complicated process: the documentation of artistic unfoldment. Within the images I’ve mainly focused on the action of the practice and production of works. This was mainly to use the ten images to the maximum in exploring the theme giving some sense of narrative unfoldment with my observations. The image were converted to black and white as this seemed more ‘vocal’ than colour for the series.

2. Local communities

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Stills in order

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6
Image 7
Image 8
Image 8
Image 10


3. Assessment criteria
  • Demonstration of visual and technical skills

In this assignment I have used a particular method of working with a traditional method of photos essay work. I used a 35mm camera for ease of movement and a fixed 35mm lens. The visual components of the project are uniform in that I shot from a close to medium range perspective, indoors under similar lighting conditions and have kept the lens mostly at eye level to the subject. I feel that the work on the whole is passable. Visually I tried to show a sense of involvement with my subjects hence the decision to keep close in most cases to the activity. Overall technical outcomes are as I had pre visualised.

  • Quality of outcome

According to the visual and technical level of the project the work is satisfactory although (and partly through suggestion) I have followed a more traditional photo essay format as mentioned in the introduction in order to give a measuring point from which to depart further along in the course. I met some resistance to working in this way and the outcome although technically proficient, doesn’t really satisfy my own desire to explore in a more creative way the full potential for the remit of the assignment. I might of used different methods had the remit been more exploratory.

  • Demonstration of creativity

It was useful for me to begin in this way and focus on what a more typical documentary traditional style might feel like to shoot. This has allowed me more experience from which to reflect on with regards to how I might depart from the more traditional mode at the next assignment. I used various devices within the set such as mirrors in the space to show a more objective visual perspective and an image taken from above to use the frame to give a fuller sense of the activity of the painter (image 2). However, whilst the remit was creative, I feel that I did not stretch myself to my full creative capacity within the assignment. Again coming back to the suggestions made to start from a more established perspective, this seemed to put a bit of cap on what I did and to some extent controlled the outcome. Had the remit been more open It would have influenced the way that I shot the assignment . However, within the bounds of what I have done I feel that the angle of view and compositions are creative and engaging to the viewer.

As I am using a single theme but two artistic activities it seemed important to think about how I would joint them together through the set. I chose the dynamic aspect of the photos (movement) in order not to jolt the viewing between photo 5-6.

  • Context

Jocelyn Bain Hogg and Philip Griffith Jones, formed the two photographers as back drop for the preparation and study for this assignment. In a sense any of the more traditional documentarians would have served. However, it was interesting to see how two different styles compared in order to give myself some platform from which to work. I reflected initially on the creative process and how that could be seen in the context of documentary. Because of the limit of 10 images I felt that I needed to build up the essay mainly around the actual practice of the respective art forms that my subjects were engaged in. However, it would have been interesting to have broadened out this set of images to show other contexts that were a part of the main subject but showing different perspectives on the people involved.









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