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Short interview with Bleadsdale:


Bleasdale is an impressive figure in that he left behind a profitable and comfortable lifestyle for what can only perhaps be described as for compassionate purposes. Being a banker, he turned into a photojournalist and began work in the conflict zones of the Congo.

Over twelve years he covered the conflict in the Congo region with the aim of brining it to the publics attention in order to take action. In an interview with Bleasdale he is asked if he feels that anything has changed in the situation since he began photographing the region. “I was the only photographer there when I started…” (Bleasdale, 2011) [1] and with him evidently only one journalist. Now there are many more.

Beasdale is a ‘concerned photographer’. This altruistic side to photography is normally associated with the genre of photojournalism and tends to not be financially oriented but rather driven by other forces that are provoked by desire to see change.

The question that comes to my mind is: How far does photojournalism go to creating social change when we live in a climate of increasingly politicised agendas? Is photography still effective in creating change?


  1. Bleasdale, M. (2011) [interview online by photographer: Ljubljana, Slovenia] https://vimeo.com/20980346 [accessed December, 2019]





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