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Elsewhere and before I have written about Eggleston. It was a love that developed over time. I think that what I most appreciate about him is the use of the mellow colours in his methodology via the dye system that he took up. They evoke the south for me, the quiet and warm atmosphere that he shows is pleasing and contemplative. The exploration of colour is obvious in his work although as Szarkowski indicates, it not that he is really experimenting but just using the colours in a coherent and natural way.

Eggleston’s Dye-transfer prints were unique to the photography world as a technique at the time, outside of advertsing. He is acclaimed for using this process, with its distinctive saturated and defined colour processing to show each rich colour individually.

‘Perfectly boring,’ said Hilmon Kramer of the New York times after view his opening exhibition at Moma ( (and we worry about getting a bit of student feedback). Now, one of Eggleston’s works reaches $500.000. I think we needn’t worry as budding photographers, too much about the process of constructive criticism.

Eggleston was dubbed to have a”fearless naturalism” ( which allowed him to look directly at things that others would not view. In doing this he produced some work that was evidently strange but fascinating such as his video experimentations: ‘stranded in canton’.

Below one of Eggleston’s first colour images using the Dye-transfer method

William Eggleston, untitled 1965/2012, Gagosian Gallery [3]
Undoubtedly Eggleston’s work is a reflection to a large extent of his character. I like both. He seems to have the leanings of an artist, unconventional, quirky and reflective. I like very much the work and subject matter of this great photographer.

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Eggleston, W. Untitled (1965/2012) Gagosian Gallery [online] [accessed, March 2020] [online] [accessed, March, 2020]


  1. Art of photography presentation on Eggleston-
  2. video about 45 minutes long (main one) to do with Eggleston and his life as a photographer

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