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Juan Echeverria

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Echeverria produced a set of images in a project of the Himbas tribe based in Namibia, Africa. These images, along with some video footage that I have seen describe a peoples that are on the whole content with their state of affairs and way of life. They do not seem to be wanton for anything in particular.

The images that he represents seem dignified, not exaggeratedly posed (in my opinion) and on the whole quite tasteful. In comparison to the other photographers that I have viewed in this project, his work to me seems more balanced in its representation. However, I take the point about the lending itself to voyeurism. But the question that comes to mind is: how else would you represent women that go semi-naked, if that is indeed their natural state and cultural norm? I believe the ‘primitive beauty’ (OCA, 2014) [1] of these women is fine. In as sense it is so much less pretentious than the less ‘primitive’ West. The decontextualised images perhaps (if they were all represented in that way) would lend itself more to a romanticed and disproportionate viewing. But as in context of the series many images are well contextualised I feel that the ones that are not can be imagined into a context.

It has been relatively difficult to find any evaluation material or reviews of Esheverria’s work.

In general I conclude that it has been presented in a way that perhaps emphasises the feminine more that the masculine part of the culture, but in a way I see no particular wrong with that.


  1. OCA, Documentary Truth and Fiction (2014:93) student manual.



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