Student work · Omar Camilleri

Student work · Omar Camilleri – Feet

Again in Camilleri’s work there is something of the abstract, and once again, the use of black and white to augment that. I think that this project is a curious one. We really don’t pay special attention to just feet, and could easily overlook the subject given the proximity to the brain. He has a good sense of symmetry and balance. I like the photos now more that at first. At first I found it easy to dismiss the project because I felt that it was profane. But actually, the fact that this photographer has got me to look at feet is an accomplishment. Watching my response, I start asking questions. Who’s feet are they and what do they say about the person they belong to?

This setting off of curiosity is something that I think happens with the better photo projects. If a photo or series can lead to some questions and curiosity, no matter how banal the subject matter, then I think that it has worked. On the other side, not all banal subject matter makes me think deeply or reflect. I think here though Camilleri has succeeded.

It was interesting to see the installation shots being shown in the air, suspended in the street. This was an interesting thing to do. You are in a way inverting the natural order of the object, placing what is normally below, above the head.

Published by Truevisionphotography

I'm a student photographer studying through the OCA a UK based arts university. I'm in the foundation year of my studies and enjoying it immensely. I'm also a yoga teacher and co-founder of Bodhiyoga a buddhism based yoga teacher training program that runs in the UK and Spain each year. As a photographer I'm interested in all forms of fine art. I find the arts really important in my life. I love nature and aim to be in the outdoors as much as I can. Generally I think that all the different strands of my life are flowing to towards self development in the greatest sense of the term. The arts, buddhist practice yoga and meditation are all tools to that end. I feel committed to communication the these values in the world both through the visual arts as well as teaching.

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