Assignment 5 · rework

Reworking assignment 5 Link to the reworked assignment ↓ In effect I have taken a simple step to signpost the opening of the audio-visual presentation with a page that outlines what the basic project is about. I did not want to give a lengthy explanation, but I feel that what I have included directsContinue reading “Assignment 5 · rework”

Assignment 3 · rework (book dummy)

A3 · reworking of assignment Initially I produced a blurb book format of this assignment and now have produced it from inside InDesign which has been a far better learning experience in terms of producing designed book work layout as well as now having another set of skills. The assignment also contains a change ofContinue reading “Assignment 3 · rework (book dummy)”

Assignment 5: Learning criteria

Assignment 5. Learning Criteria Demonstration of technical and visual skills Endeavouring to keeps a similar style to each of the images and fitting with the theme of liminality I chose to take the images at the turn of light during the day, mostly around the evening at sunset. On several occasions to enhance and liftContinue reading “Assignment 5: Learning criteria”

Assignment 5: The threshold of comfort

Assignment 5 The threshold of comfort Victor Burgin in one of his interviews talks about an image being not just optical but an ‘event in the mind’ by the viewer observing. This idea has been to some extent a guiding principle for this assignment: Victor Burgin in conversation with Ian Wallace (2014), Vimeo [accessed, JulyContinue reading “Assignment 5: The threshold of comfort”

Research and planning · assignment 5

 Assignment five · research contents: introduction to the theme  visual experimentation and textual research plus explorations into the notion of conceptual photography and photographers’ work (in brief) at this point…first stage research – visual experimentation 1. Introduction · working titles: Liminoid or Dressed to die Assignment five will explore the theme of liminal experiences. IContinue reading “Research and planning · assignment 5”

Research · Indigenous photography

Research · Looking for authenticity: indigenous photography These three images are of Native American Indians, taken at the turn of the 20th century. It is in fact remarkably difficult to find a less posed and more as it were candid image of a native American Indian which in a way illustrates the dominance of Curtis’s workContinue reading “Research · Indigenous photography”

Assignment 3 · Learning criteria

Learning criteria Demonstration of visual and technical skills By way of brief pre-amble I feel that I have learned enormously from this assignment. Although I have twice previously produced semi-staged fiction/non-fiction assignments I felt this time I started to see more clearly the power of this combination for ‘visual storytelling’. Remembering what Robert Enoch saidContinue reading “Assignment 3 · Learning criteria”

Assignment 3 · Visual Storytelling

contents: introduction – 200 words main assignment (in slideshow and blurb book format: see link below) Link to learning criteria: Link to research: 1. Introduction to assignment This work is what I have termed ‘protest documentary’ which comes to some extent from the ideas of Stott in his discussion about exposé documentary. By means ofContinue reading “Assignment 3 · Visual Storytelling”

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