Exercise · Bainbridge’s article

I have selected to write about the image Giorgia (2009-10) Vanessa Winship When I read the commentary and then took time to look at the photo I felt that the commentary (as is often the case) brings in some sense of abstraction to its description. This is what I think Sekula was discussing in hisContinue reading “Exercise · Bainbridge’s article”

Exercise · Bazin and Ontology and Sekula on meaning

Sekula draws out the well know discussion by Barthe’s topic of “Floating chains” of significance. This basic term seated within the conversation about the denotive and connotive value of the image for me immediately clears up doubts. In essence Barthes is talking about the way in which we ascribe meaning to any particular image. SekulaContinue reading “Exercise · Bazin and Ontology and Sekula on meaning”

Exercise ·’In, around and afterthoughts…’

Martha Rosler’s piece addressing as critique, documentary photography The contest of meaning. Rosler’s critique starts from the basis of questioning the authority and even use of documentary photography, taking particular examples to explore her theme. The piece written by Rosler is complex, explores many related subjects tied into the theme of the art world andContinue reading “Exercise ·’In, around and afterthoughts…’”

Exercise · Selection of 5 personal photographs with captions

General overall comments to the exercise: Click on first image to see full set in full view It’s always interesting to get an insight from other practitioners about how they view particular images. In this case the captions were varied but followed in some ways similar traits. Most of the captions carried a tinge ofContinue reading “Exercise · Selection of 5 personal photographs with captions”

Reflection · Discontinuity

Discontinuity-a reflection “All photographs are ambiguous. All photographs have been taken out of a continuity. If the event is a public event, this continuity is history; if it is personal, the continuity, which has been broken, is a life story. Even a pure landscape breaks a continuity: that of the light and the weather. DiscontinuityContinue reading “Reflection · Discontinuity”

Exercise · ‘What makes a document?’

“A document usually adheres to some convention based on similar or previous documents or specified requirements.” https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/document. The topic of the discussion, as others have mentioned is: Time and context and which is it that makes a document? If the above quote holds any substantial truth (and I believe it does) then time and contextContinue reading “Exercise · ‘What makes a document?’”

Exercise · Walton on transparent photographs

Walton (1984) writes of the photographic medium as being something of an enigma that both represent and does not, the nature of what is observed. For me the discussion of the apparent and the perceived is a fascinating subject even though quite philosophically abstruse. The situation as Walton points out is that we perceive theContinue reading “Exercise · Walton on transparent photographs”

Exercise · Miranda Gavin talks

Essentially Gavin picks up her theme with two propositions for the developing and changing nature of the genre of documentary photography. She states that 1. Photography has undergone change because of the digital age of photography and perhaps I would add the democratisation of it therefore 2. More women have entered the field thus givingContinue reading “Exercise · Miranda Gavin talks”

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