Geographies of Tourist Photography Choreographies and Performances · Jonas Larsen

Geographies of Tourist Photography Choreographies and Performances · Jonas Larsen (2006) The thrust of Larsen’s work is that of how the tourist uses photography, but not only as a passive observer but active participant. He argues that tourism promotes an idealised and mythical realm that ‘sells’ a place that is then ‘consumed’ by the viewer (tourist) whoContinue reading “Geographies of Tourist Photography Choreographies and Performances · Jonas Larsen”

Research · Murrell and Starkey 2

Murell and Starkey Starting with Murrell, she has an approach that is based in the fantasy of children (in constructing childhoods series). The work takes on, in most cases, in each photo a single focal point within the context of a space (room) that acts as the context with signifiers leading to the particular rollsContinue reading “Research · Murrell and Starkey 2”

Tom Hunter · Thought summary

Tom Hunter · Thought summary about him and his work Article/Interview with Hunter I liked what Hunter had to say very much. In a sense I share his vision which seems simplified and down to earth showing his inspirations are to try and communicate something of the global nature of the ‘human condition’ through theContinue reading “Tom Hunter · Thought summary”

Peter Dench · On the badly behaved British

Peter Dench’s comment Of course none of us wants to be identified with the people in Dench’s images, and most will sneer or laugh or perhaps even feel disgust. However, I think that in some ways Dench is making a serious point of a particular social behaviour that is far from appreciated by people outsideContinue reading “Peter Dench · On the badly behaved British”

Exercise · Martin Parr

Martin Parr ‘To a certain extent all photography is exploitation’ (parr, 2003)[1] Not having been able to access the link in the course manual I’ve turned to another video to piece together some of Parr’s thought on himself and his work. He makes the statement that his works is imbued with hypocrisy and prejudice. WithContinue reading “Exercise · Martin Parr”

Exercise · Changing Britain-arts council

British Photographers in relation to ‘Documentary Dilemmas’ Paul Graham ‘Paul Graham studied for a BSc at Bristol University and in 1980 held his first exhibition, House Portraits: photographs of modern detached suburban houses. These pictures provided evidence of Graham’s attraction to social themes and to the traces of history in the everyday, a recurrent themeContinue reading “Exercise · Changing Britain-arts council”

Research point · Documentary Identity and Place

Research into identity and place Starting off a with some notes from Tilley who discusses the phenomenology of landscape in saying the we are essentially sense perceiving beings and the only real way to experience a landscape is via all of the senses. He informs us that the mediated experience of a landscape (one wouldContinue reading “Research point · Documentary Identity and Place”

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