Student work · Tanya Ahmed

Student work · Tanya Ahmed – 100th street Tanya talks about her work: Maggy Miller, assessor talks about Tanya’s work: I had a look initially at Davidson’s website of the 100th street project to refresh my memory as it had been a while since I had seen these images. One thing that standsContinue reading “Student work · Tanya Ahmed”

Student work · Briony Campbell

Student work · Briony Campbell Cambpell’s web: Briony’s work in this project ‘The dad project’ is what I would refer to what Stott called a ‘human document ‘ (Stott, 1973:7-8.) This type of document is a personal exploration of a matter very close to one’s heart, in this case, Briony’s father dying. I feel with this work,Continue reading “Student work · Briony Campbell”

Student work · Omar Camilleri

Student work · Omar Camilleri – Feet Again in Camilleri’s work there is something of the abstract, and once again, the use of black and white to augment that. I think that this project is a curious one. We really don’t pay special attention to just feet, and could easily overlook the subject given theContinue reading “Student work · Omar Camilleri”

Student work · Harry Pearce

Student work · Harry Pearce Pearce’s work is another candid and in house production of family members in situ. HIs images are taken of people in different settings, usually contextualised and family home or some other venue. Personally I feel that his work would of benefitted from variety of location and activity. The shots thatContinue reading “Student work · Harry Pearce”

Student work · Penny Watson

Student work · Penny Watson Watson’s work is an approach taken that I would refer to as candid documentary. In working with older people, much like younger children it seems that there is less likelihood to in same way act for the camera. The realism of the images is touching. Natural reflections of old age,Continue reading “Student work · Penny Watson”

Exercise · Kingsmead Eyes project

Kingsmead Eyes project Strangely I think that I get more from stills than video, even though in theory video offers more of a linear and sequential narrative. The images themselves say quite a bit about the kids and their lives. In looking at the 2009 presentation and now the more up to date one, IContinue reading “Exercise · Kingsmead Eyes project”

Exercise · Post-documentary

Post-documentary art and ethics · Ine Gevers Ine Gevers’s excellent article takes a journey through the subject of ethics. I was pleased first off to actually find someone willing to give a concrete expression and definition to the actual code of ethics that they are referring to. It is often said without much clarity inContinue reading “Exercise · Post-documentary”

Exercise · Jim Goldberg

Jim Goldberg in the gallery space link to short video: Looking at Goldberg’s work of this particular project it has a certain appeal for me in at the gallery space. I see no direct contradiction, although if it were to be a similar thing to Natchway and his war zone images being visited by wealthyContinue reading “Exercise · Jim Goldberg”

The judgment seat of photography

The judgment seat of photograph ‘One of the foremost tasks of art has always been the creation of a demand which could be fully satisfied only later’ (Benjamin, 1935) -Research materials in bold. In outline of the essay by Phillips (The judgment seat of photography) an examination of the process of photography is presented startingContinue reading “The judgment seat of photography”

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